From a very young age, I have been interested in astrology, and when in my early twenties, I began Ayurvedic studies at a minimal level while writing my thesis for my Master’s in Asian Religions.  While I had an inclination towards these sciences, I never realized how powerful they are in the Universe.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which sprung on suddenly after my fiance and long-term partner separated on the eve of our wedding in Hawaii.  I went from having a stable, loving, and dependable relationship to a whirlwind of turmoil, emotions, depression, fear, anxiety, and tension in my system.  On top of it all, my financial situation struggled due to the lack of support from my partner.  The worst part of it all was that I lost my best friend.

I became very sick, thin, and frail.  I had shooting pain throughout my body to the point where I was unable to walk due to my joints being so stiff from the inflamation.  My entire mouth was covered in sores.  I would have night sweats where my clothes were dripping wet three to five times each night.  Once diagnosed, the doctors put me on steroids and then biologics.  The inflammation had spread through my large and small intestines.  Eventually in remission from the medications, I had to go off of them due to my becoming pregnant.  Luckily, I remained in remission throughout my pregnancy and while nursing.

However, the Crohn’s came back, little by little, in 2017-2018, until I became so weak and sick that I was hospitalized and needed to take a leave from work.  The doctors tried to put me back on a biologic, but my body developed antibodies to the first one.  The second biologic worked for a few months, then again my body fought off the drug.  When my doctor wanted to put me on yet another biologic, I though to myself there has got to be a better way.  I had tried other alternative forms of medication and holistic healing (as most Crohn’s sufferers have) from recommended diets to acupuncture to Reiki healing.  NOTHING WORKED.

Then, the thought of Ayurveda surfaced, and I by divine intervention, I connected with Dr. Scott Keller and Anabella Cabello.  They did my full astrological chart and Ayurvedic assessment.  Within minutes, they told me what the issue was in my system and gave me a very specific diet and prescription of how to correct it.  I followed their recommendations and within a week I was feeling healthier than ever.  My symptoms subsided, and I was happier than ever with a greater outlook on life.  I cannot express enough the deep gratitude I have for the Universe bringing these beautiful and knowledgeable individuals into my life.  I am now having my entire family (even my three year old son) work with them.  Their full mind/body/system/Universe approach to healing in such an individualized way not only tackles the illnesses that have baffled the western medical professionals for decades, but it allows their “patients” to understand themselves and their place in this Universe better.

Monique M. Sadarangani, J.D., LL.M.

What a beautiful and knowledgeable couple you are! I loved this video. And I look forward to more. And I love that you’re in Florida too!

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What a dynamic duo !  Sounds wonderful and exciting.

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These two are amazing spiritual humans that really care about the needs of their clients. You’ll feel their positive energy touch you as soon as you meet them!

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Amazing people with a lot of knowledge.

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