Dr. Keller Biography:

Dr.Scott Keller has been in practice for over 27 years and has spent over 2 1/2 decades working at The Edgar Cayce foundation of NYC, as well as in private practice in Long Island New York and in South Florida.

In addition to traditional chiropractic, Dr.Scott Keller uses Ayurvedic Medicine {Develop Ayurvedic Chiropractic} and osteopathic manipulations. He has uses many of the Edgar Cayce remedies, as well traditional eastern and western healing modalities, ranging from, herbs, vitamin naturopathy, physiotherapy and TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine).

Dr. Keller is also a nationally renowned medical intuitive Astrologer and Ayurvedic Practitioner, as well as an individual and couples counselor. Dr.Keller is a cohost on the radio talk show Blog Talk Radio. He also appears on the popular nationally syndicated show Coast to Coast AM.

He has developed a unique brand of medical intuitive readings that uses a very individualized Astrology and Ayurvedic Medicine as a way of achieving more specific diagnostic information on each patient.

Through hard work and dedication to his patients’ health, he has built a highly successful Chiropractic, Nutritional, Ayurvedic Medicine and counseling services in New York and Florida.

Dr. Keller uses his unique talents to help people of all ages with their aches, pains, and even debilitating injuries. His outstanding reputation, exceptional patient feedback, and sheer number of overall years in servitude, speak for the effectiveness of not only Dr. Keller work, but for the miracles of chiropractic medicine and holistic healing.

Dr. Keller has proven time and time again that all conditions can be improved or completely rectified through natural options.

Dr. Keller Education, Certification and Awards:

Dr. Keller is a board certified NYS licensed Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Keller attended Columbia School of Medicine, New York State University and New York Chiropractic College, where he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine. He also spend time traveling throughout India where he received certification as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Dr.Keller has been published in the health section of the Long Island Nightlife Magazine where he had a regular column for 4 years. He co author The American Media “ Guide to Health and Healing. Sold millions of copies! He was also the author of the column “The Doctor is IN in the Open Door, the official newsletter of the A.R.E of NY, where he gave advice on health, nutrition, chiropractic and holistic healing.

Personal Interests, Community Involvement:

As a medical intuitive, lifelong Astrologer and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Dr. Keller, provides regular workshops, lectures and seminars, throughout the country. Teaching his own unique blend of Ayurvedic medicine with Westernized Astrology as a way of improving all aspects of people lives. Most specifically how to improve health, love and relationships, career and how to discover karmic path.

In addition, these classes will provide certification for psycho-therapists, psychologists, life coaches and anyone who would like to use Astrology and Ayurveda as a way of improving their lives and the lives of their friends and families.

Dr.Keller is an ordained minister authorized to performed various religious rites and ceremonies.

Dr. Keller Services and Fees:

Chiropractic Services

First visit Fee: $125
Includes detail consultation, examination, and report of findings.

Examination Fee: $65
Treatment Fee: $60

Medical Intuitive, Astrological and Ayurvedic Readings

Fee: $249 – Includes a 60 to 70 minute reading, with a complimentary follow up, 7 to 14 days via phone call or Zoom.
Both individual and couples counseling is available.