DATE & TIME: Art Basel Week, December 5th-8th, 2019: 4 – 8pm

PLACE: Faena Hotel, 3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Our 30 minute Astrological Ayurvedic Readings are design to provide a general overview of the person’s Astrological birth chart and its connection to the client’s personal Ayurvedic profile.

It will include a full Natal Birth Chart, as well as a 15 question Ayurvedic analysis.

Our goal in these readings is to draw a correlation between the client’s health concerns, love & romance tendencies or Career and Life Purpose with their personal planets and Ayurveda. We ask the client to focus on one of these areas due to the abbreviated nature of the reading. These readings are quite awe inspiring and informative.

Dr. Scott Keller has been a Board-certified practicing chiropractic physician for 27 years, Astrologer, Medical Intuitive and Ayurvedic Physician. He worked as a practicing physician and metaphysician at the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), The Edgar Cayce Foundation in Manhattan which he began in 1995. Dr. Scott has reached epic proportion’s in treating over 10,000 patients during this time at the Cayce foundation. His techniques are completely unique in treatment and involve not only the use of traditional Western allopathic medical approaches and chiropractic but also utilization of Astrological, Ayurvedic and Past Life information. His record of clinical success includes well-known celebrities from around the globe and his manner and treatment success through application and education is key therein.

Anabella Cabello is a brilliant and effective certified life and success coach specializing in psychic and intuitive wellness with over 15 years experience. Anabella is specifically trained and committed to providing clients with post-consultation support and develops a highly individualized action plan in consultation with Dr. Scott for each client embarking on the path to a new and healthier way of life. Anabella has transformed her life and applies her education, wisdom, and personal experience in practical and easily actionable ways to assist others in transforming from a state of complete despair and dis-empowerment to a vibrantly joyous and empowered life rich in meaning and personal fulfillment. Her formula for success draws on her combination of different healing approaches including psychic intuition, energy healing, astrology and numerology. These combined modalities not only guarantee that clients can bring about the highest overall quality of health and lifestyle, but also the most harmonious emotional and romantic relationships.